Meet our
Omni Logistics supply chain management leadership.

Omni Logistics is a privately owned logistics and supply chain management company with global reach. We are here to leverage our expanding footprint to solve the day‑to‑day logistics challenges of our clients. Our combined leadership team represents decades of logistics experience and insight – take a moment to meet them. We are fully committed to delivering end-to-end logistics and supply chain management that is flexible, reliable and unrivaled. We’re ALL IN.

Senior Leadership

J.J. Schickel
Chief Executive Officer

Randy Dumas
Chief Financial Officer

Keith Moran
President, North America

Bobby Solis
President, Asia

Chris Brack
Chief Revenue Officer

Mark McDowell
Chief Sales Officer

Andy Tribble
SVP, North America

Mike Painter
VP, United Kingdom

Bill Heathcock
VP, Operations

Nelson Lau
VP, North Asia

K.Y. Yip
VP, South Asia

Dan Herron
VP, Corporate Strategy

Independent Board of Directors

Henry Gerkens
Independent Director

Zulkifli “Zul” Baharudin
Independent Director

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